Going to States in Wrestling

Sectionals: I met people I have never heard of. I had talked to them and became friends with them for the tournament. It was all good and happy till it is time to go out on to the mat and wrestle them. The weight class I wrestle in is always friendly towards each other. When it came to the time wrestle the people I had just met. The mood changes everything becomes hostile. My thought process changes to a more clear process of thinking. As I am warming up I feel every muscle in my body. The tension that I am using when I am bouncing from one foot to the other. As I continue to intensify my focus on my opponent. Letting all my emotions build up to as I get ready to wrestle.
Having a little fear in the back of my mind that he could beat me, and end my perfect record. After the match before mine ends as I make my way to the mat my confidence grows and builds with every step but still terrified that he could beat me. Once I step on the mat I am at my most confidence I could possibly be at. I stare at them with a strong pricing look of intimidation. Lining up against my opponent using extreme focus. Shaking their hand before we start to go at it, wrestling. Locking up with him at first feeling what I can exploit from him.
Pushing myself as hard as I can using every muscle in my body. Using every little once of energy I have in my body. Always keeping a clear mind to be one step ahead of my opponent. Pushing through all the pain and all the exhaustion. Prying him over while I was in a good positions to his back. My chest on his chest putting all of my Weight on to him so I can hold him down and get the pin. As I am holding waiting to hear the loud slam of the refs hand smashing on the mat. Knowing that there was time left on the clock. Knowing that I had defeated him. The feeling of having my hand raised over having the opponents hand raised. It is unexplainable.
Super Sectionals: I meet other wrestlers that I have wrestled before in other tournaments and that I am good friends with. Still having to keep my focus even though I will be taking my friends out of the tournament. Knowing that each kid I beat will not be going to states with me. I kept the same mind set and focus. But keeping myself calm and collected. Everyone at supers was better than anyone at sectionals. Knowing that any mistake could take me out of going to the state tournament. That they would upset my perfect record. For the championship match I was wrestling the second best wrestler in section five. Knowing that in past year that he had beet me once. Knowing that any mistake could mean that I am not going to go to states. Remaining in the same calm collected mined focusing on what I needed to do to be one step ahead of my opponent. Feeling all my muscles and tendons pulling and strain against their resistance. Pushing myself harder than I thought. My coach was literally jumping with excitement as time ticked down and the clock ran out. Feeling the Adrenalin rushing throw my body my heart racing.
Hearing the final whistle blow after a hard fought match with the second best wrestler in section five. Being exhausted and having no energy left in my body after my final match. After I had won and was thinking about my opponent which outside of the mat is one of my friends. Knowing that going to states that I will have no one else from my weight class from my section. After running over to my opponents coaches and shaking their hands and rushing over to my coach jumping up and him catching me knowing that we are going to states. The feeling of knowing to go to states is just indescribable. Stepping up on to the top of the podium is amazing and phenomenal. Knowing that everyone else that was on that podium I had beat on the mat.
State Tournament: the feeling when I first entered the arena was over whelming. Seeing the size of the wrestling area. Seeing thousands of seats all around the wrestling arenas. Seeing the jumbo Tron sight up with the NY State wrestling. Seeing 400 or so wrestlers warming up. I did not know any of the other wrestlers. After getting focused I got right back to the grind. Training hard, running hard, and getting my blood moving. After the warm up practice I went back to the hotel. There were three kids from section five. They were all from different weight classes. We all had to be up by 6:00 A.M. for weigh-ins. And after everyone had weighed in we needed to do the parade of champions which all 12 sections came out to display their wrestlers for the torment. After the opening ceremony we started the first round which is always the longest round because all 480 some wrestlers need to wrestle. Because I am a heavy weight I needed to weight to the end of the round. When it was time to start warming up I had to make my way down to the mat which was 7-8 feet below the seats. Once I started warming up getting focused and ready. Knowing that I am going to wrestle the best of the best from the other sections. My first match I was extremely nervous because it was the first ever time I had gone to the state tournament. Stepping on the mat seeing thousands of spectators in the stands watching and observing. I had to push all of that out of my head clear my mind. It was just me against him no one else on the mat a one on one situation. Whistle blows and I go at it pushing the pace making him go faster than what he is used to doing. Searching for any little mistake that I could use to turn him. I pined the first kid I had wrestled in a pretty good time. I mad it quick so I could be well rested for my second match. I had wrestled the number one seed in the state torment second round. It was my first lose the entire year. I had only lost by two points. I had wrestled my way back in to the torment going. I was going for third/fourth and then I came up against a wrestler who had placed second at the national torment. He had gotten caught by a lesser wrestler. He would have beaten him and been going for first. I had only lost to him by one point in regular match time. I had pinned everyone before that match. I had drooped down in to the last bracket going for 5th/6th. My last opponent was only on the mat for about 26 seconds. It was a pin. I placed first.
To place 5th in the state it required a lot of concentration and hard work to get me to it and I needed to be pushed every day in practice to get to where I was and I gave my dedication to that I let nothing get in my way of keeping my focus and control. I could not have done it without my coach and my family to support me and all of my friends. Wrestling in the state tournament is the greatest thing I have ever done in my life. Being able to say I wrestled in the state tournament for the rest of my life. Is amazing.


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